Discover the Future of Video Advertising with Spartacs, the Video Supply Platform

Optimising the way video ads generate revenue by connecting engaged audiences with brand-safe advertising

Direct Publisher Relationships
We partner directly with publishers worldwide, delivering tailored video-centric monetization solutions using our proprietary, cross-screen SSP technology.
We actively optimize the supply chain and improve transparency with ads.txt
Advanced yield optimization
We give you access to programmatic demand partnerships while retaining the human touch with outstanding customer service.


We use “Smart Targeted Throttling” to reduce the queries per second to each demand partner by refining supply based on the partner’s required targeting and standards, such as IVT%, viewability and player sizes, plus our proprietary performance algorithms. 



Cross Platform

Our technology stack is augmented so that video is optimized across all screens – mobile, desktop, OTT & CTV and our engineers are continually evolving the technology to ensure it keeps up with the latest consumer trends.

Deal ID+ The evolution of a private marketplace

Our Deal ID+ technology is the evolution of a PMP. We package audiences to deliver buying efficiencies and reduce the QPS to demand partners by refining supply using proprietary performance algorithms. Deal ID+ brings unique supply that is verified brand safe with no hidden buy-side fees what’s not to like?

Optimizing the Supply Chain with ads.txt

We are giving control back to Publishers with early adoption of ads.txt. Increasing transparency in our ecosystem with a simple and secure method that enables Publishers to tell buyers where they have approved inventory to be sold. This also ensures advertisers run on authentic publisher supply.

OpenRTB 2.2+

Target premium advertisers using our programmatic bidding technology that gives you the control to transact however you want. All programmatic deal types are supported including open and invite only auctions, unreserved fixed rate and automated. We give you the power to segment your content ensuring you don’t have any sales conflicts and can maximize your revenue


Ads Your Audience Won’t Hate

We focus on your viewers, individually. By displaying ads they’re likely to be interested in and not showing ads that increase bounce rates.

Reducing Data Usage

Too much of users’ data plan is spent on ads. Our compression significantly minimizes that, enabling them to spend more time on your site.

Custom Monetisation Strategy

Users are targeted based on their interests and shown ads they like. Our player measures how long they watched ads, if they click, and more.

Tailored For Every Publisher

We customize our player and ads to your specific needs, both in content and the way it appears.

We Care About Our Publishers

And about their bottom line. It’s not about playing the ads that cost a bit more, it’s about playing the ones that’ll get the most total revenue. It’s an important distinction.

Maximum Yield, Minimum Disruption

Getting the best numbers with minimum distractions to the user. Increasing engagement while lowering bounce rates.

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