Optimising the supply chain

We partner with publishers to maximise their yield against the top demand platforms by using Spartac’s proprietary technology.


Our technology is built from the ground-up, so we are not working with any old legacy systems. Our engineers are constantly developing and innovating to make sure we are ahead of the curve on the latest ad-tech developments, so publishers using our platform can continually be engaging their audiences.

We make programmatic video advertising work on all screens, no matter what format. We provide access to international audiences on all platforms giving you deep insight using our analytics engine and real-time reporting providing transparency and diagnostics across the platform. Our semantic analysis gives both advertisers and publishers peace of mind about brand safety.


Our independent ecosystem is able to put the control back in your hands. This enables:

Optimized traffic to each Demand Partner

More memorable user experience as we generate more genuine demand for the supply and reduce latency

Transparency on clearing prices


We help you connect with new audiences through our international supply. Our analytics dashboard ensures:

You can create real time custom reporting to assess your campaign ensuring accurate targeting of your ads based on geography, demographics and behaviour

Confidence that your ads are being delivered to the right audience, on the right device at the right time

No hidden buy-side fees